Momma Look At Me

As a little girl at night I had some silly fears
No different than any other children of those same years
And when I would imagine that evil coming to get me
All I would have to say is,  “Momma look at me.”
And all my fears would scatter away
With just the look of her eyes into my own, the fears were sent astray

In the beginning I asked her to hold my hand
And across the gap between our beds her arm spanned
Lovingly, Clutching my hand until I slept
Erasing all my fears and banishing all the tears I had wept
The nights were scary as I lay alone in my bed
Her love for me could take away anything that I could possibly dread

As I got older and went  off to school she was still always at my side
Whether it was memorizing my spelling words or working on a project she served as my guide
My success, my freedom and my happiness were always her concern
School life was not easy for me, but she reminded me that school was just a sojourn
And that living life at its fullest is where I would gain my experience
Soon we did part, off to college and then to work life I went, losing the innocence but gaining the confidence

I met my husband and she was the first i would tell
That I had found someone special and together through life we would impel
She cried when when we moved away to the various cities of this country
She also shared the joy with me when my son was given to me, a grandson to her he would be

As I faced life with all of its struggles, through the good and the bad she was always with me 
All I had to do was think to myself of the encouragement she would give, and life would resound, dispelling any tragedy

I had never dreamed of the day when my mother would leave this earth, gone forever, no longer to see
Alone now I am, my mother taken away, but here I stand with our family
Our love for her is felt by each of us and to her it does impart
We  sadly faced the day that from this earth she did depart
I pray now whenever I need her most I can still feel the comfort she always gave to me 
It is sorrow that I feel today and her love is what I need, so I say now, Momma look at me

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I Live For Him

I am who I am
The scourge
This life to append
Lone time
Life on the farm
True heart
!!!!!!A hardened life
Choice of paths
Life is what you make it
!!!!!A destination of the shadows
But have no tears
!!!!!at what cost
Life’s test
Not able to go on
This life is yours
Uncontrolled anger
11!!!!!’Decay of life
!!!!this is my life I do decree
Epitaph for myself
Leadership defiled
Heart of appearances
!!!! I met myself
2!!!! Acquaintances
3!!! Yes I live for him

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Reminder To A Sister

The binding love of a sister
No other love can match its strength
No denying, we are as one
Living two lives with one heart beat

No other love can match its strength
As children with clasped hands we grew
Each day treasuring each moment
Enjoying the other’s presence

No denying, we are as one
Treasuring each other’s great joys
Sharing moments of elation
Thankful for what life provided

Living two lives with one heart beat
But joined to face those who bring strife
As one we stand, loyal to all
Who fight for that which is the right

Retourne: A Retourne is a French poetry form wherein repetition is used, employed. It consist of four quatrains (four-line stanzas), with each line having eight syllables. The trick is though that the first stanza’s second line must also be the second stanza’s first line, the first stanza’s third line is the third stanza’s first, and the first stanza’s fourth line is the fourth stanza’s first.
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