As One Again

Twas  nice again to have him home
For now he will no longer roam
He is here to help the son
Their love for each was not undone

Gone he was so very long
Sorrow was our shroud in song
Held in life amid despair
It was  too much for us to bear

It  felt like we were left alone
Seeds of hardship had been sown
It is so great to have him back
Missed days no more we need to track

As two we had become apart
The warmth of love no more impart
I  lost the warmth we had alike
Before he left I felt dislike

The world today is in distress
Our love was lost I do confess
My heart had turned to bitter cold
Despair my heart did truly hold

But now he has again returned
My love for him is what I yearned
The storm I felt that hurt  inside
With little time it did subside

Love for him is what I felt
In that moment the ice did melt
Twas happiness of long ago
As one again our hearts can grow

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