Feel It In The Air

The thoughts in the head crash through the barrier

It can not hold the force

The thoughts build and billow outward

The action of restraint does not even appear

Control is nowhere to be found

The anger rises and swells like the waves of the ocean

As the breaths do not come freely, the pressure in the chest is felt

Even the vision is restrained with a pinpoint fogged gaze

The words begin to hurl from the mouth like the crack of lightning

Short stabbing phrases, repeated over and over again, marring anyone in their path

You can feel the emotion in the air, electrified with anger

The heart beats faster and the blood rushes through the body

The hairs raises on the arms like the defensive poise of a cat

In the moment there is no world

Instead that very moment is what is held in its grip

In its path the innocent fall, crushed before the roar

No sooner had it started and the realization hits

Shame drags its veil and one cringes from the reality

Sorrow laps its way in and the realness of the moment is felt

The residuals of the force hangs in the air

Out comes the cry that has no tears

Defeated, tired and ashamed

Beaten by itself

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