Foretold Was The Beast

From it we know we will not withstand
With sensibility it should have been banned

Everyone knows that there is danger
Catastrophes in the past have not been a stranger

It was ignorant of the ones who let the monster be created
No good could come from this and disaster was fated

Originally created to cause massive destruction
The power and devastation were truly the seduction

Two of the evil creatures were used some time ago
Originally intended to destroy their foe

Hiroshima and Nagasaki became victims of the power
From those who then thought that they controlled the hour

Has the horror of it all remained in our mind
Or have we turned our back as if we were blind

Later they thought they could cage the beast
Using its power and strength that it did expend

A misnomer it was that it could be caged
Three Mile Island showed how it could be enraged

Still the number of giants did spread
Again the lock failed, and into the soil it did embed

The mark on Chernobyle clearly revealed its stance
Deserted and diseased, and again we were given a chance

In no time the fiend has breeded
Words of wisdom appear to not be heeded

And now another catastrophe happened before our gaze
The people of Japan once again in a daze

What more do we need to see
It is not us that are the trustee

All along the demon has waited
Its hunger has grown and now can not be sated.

Destruction and fear have again occurred
Perhaps now we know that it is us who are interred


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