What Got Into Him

Each afternoon and evening is a routine
Comes home from school
Calls his mom
Plays some video games
Eats dinner
Does homework
Does some chores

Not last night
Came home
Did not call mom
Was glued to his video games
The video game was more important than eating
I asked him to eat
I asked him to help with chores.
Response was just a minute
Repeatedly asked him to do some chores
Bed time comes
Told him to turn off the TV
Told him it is time to go to bed
Told him, again and again
Finally, I told him he is grounded
He’s mad
His excuse:  he was in the bathroom
I said bull, you are grounded
More excuses
No you are grounded
His eyes were watering

Then he yells out, I hate you
And kicks me in rage
Again, I hate you
He kicks again
I protect myself
He stands to storm away
I jump up and grab him by the shirt
I tell him to get control of himself
He yells
I hold on to his shirt
He pulls away and goes to his bedroom
I count to three and say you better get back here

He comes
I tell him attacking me was the worst thing he has ever done
He is silent
I cry
He walks away

He comes back to check his blook gluclose
He has calmed down
Takes his shot
Goes to get his food
And turns on the TV
I call out, did you turn that tv on
No answer
I wait
I ask what is he doing
He says the TV was already on
Its a lie
He is silent but calmer

He comes to my room
He says he is sorry
I don’t answer
He tries to hug
I don’t hug back
I tell him to decide what his punishment should be
How about not letting me go to a friends house
I said that is not a punishment
I respond, no games for a week
He says that is not enough
I say then, okay, make it a month
He says no
He says how about I do the dishes five times
I say that is already a chore
I tell him to think some more about it

He’s going to bed
He tries to hug me
I do nothing
We both go to bed sad


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