Things In My Head While Driving To Work

Preparation for the day
How to tell those that are not on the right path
Need to be careful, not offend
Need to make it appear as their own
There are so many dumb people
Got a lot to do today
Hope they leave me alone so I can get work done
Seems like every day I get further behind
Too many meetings
What the hell is that car doing
He is going to kill someone
He’s drunk
After work I need to make sure I stop at the grocery store
Need bread and juice
There was something else I needed
What was that
I should have put it on the list
I was getting ready in the morning, brushing my hair when I thought of it
I can’t think what it was
Damn I hate it when that happens
Construction work again on the bridge
Can’t believe they’re not done
They worked on it all last summer
I wonder how that guy is who fell from the scaffold
How long does it take to paint a bridge
What was wrong with blue
Is brown going to be any better
Or do I have it backwards
It was in Facebook
Qtips that’s what I need to add to the grocery list
I wish fresh fruit would be back in season
Watermelon.  I would love to get some.
Raspberries are good too  – if they are sweet
Irrigation messes them up
Last year the blackberries were really good
Too bad fruit is so expensive
I never have enough money
Really need new glasses
I better save up
Who am I kidding
I never can save up
It is almost time for camp
Wonder what we have to get
I hope he has a great time
Each year it seems to get better
It’s not easy
I hope he can be busy this summer
I would like us to do something fun
It would really be nice to go to the Dells
Hate putting on a swimming suit
I won’t know anyone
Who cares
I wonder if my suit even fits
I have to get walking again
I did so good last summer
Howey loved it
Why can’t I get into the mode
I loved it last year
I just have to do it
Every day it’s a new excuse
I know I will feel better
Was that sign always there
Haven’t seen it before
Then again it could have been there for weeks
Sometimes you get so used to the same routine you don’t pay attention
I can’t even remember getting off at the exit
How can someone be driving and five minutes later you don’t remember it
Must be old age
It has been happening a lot more
I’m in meetings, talking, and the words don’t come
I hope it isn’t a sign
What would happen with us
Can’t think about that; face it if it comes
I have to keep working
I hope there is a good parking spot
It’s nice getting here earlier
The parking is a little closer
Then again it would be good to walk
That exercise helps
The day hasn’t even started and I am already tired
Keys in pocket
Phone in backpack
All zipped
And I’m off

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