On the outside is the coldness of distrust
To survive in this world at times being trite is a must
Guarded by the shield, holding off the disloyal
No friends ever again
Friendships have proven to be a barb,
Wounding the heart whenever attempted

It is much safer to just be an acquaintance
There is no standard to live up to
No expectations to be reached and no disappointments
Individuals merely passing each other by
Perhaps sharing a casual interest,
Or a brief exchange of what is and what shall be
Acquaintances come and go like the rain showers of spring
No attachments exist when there is no commitment

Over the years the hand was held out in friendship
A supposed relationship began and evolved
Trusting, caring and opening the heart
Like the stamen of a flower bud
Open and vulnerable
An investment into each other is made
Stories are told of yesterday and today
Dreams of tomorrow are exchanged
One begins to know what makes the other happy
One is able to sense when times are sad
When one is down and off the path, the other leads
The actions of friendship it seemed

But then there comes a day of departure
Distance is a force causing a fissure between each other
At first there are a couple of reach outs initiated by one
There may be some exchanged messages spanning the breach
Trying to still touch the other’s life

Then the realization hits like the gale of a storm
Since the distance occurred the touch is superficial
Only one holds the cornerstone of friendship
There is doubt if it ever really was
The actions show the truth
A relationship it was not

One last chance is given in hopes that it can not be true
In the end, the lead is not taken by the other
The circumstances have truly has been qualified,
Not a friendship it ever was
The last chance ends in failure

Instead, all was just a convenient encounter,
Existing just because of the presence
The realization rips through one’s mind
Like lightning in a thunderstorm
The book of one’s life was open and bare
Trust was laid before the other
Permission was given to let the other to know the inner self

One was wrong thinking there was an emotional tie
But the tie is unraveled with the lack of presence
The attachment to the heart is torn and scarred
No more friendship
No more facade of caring
No more pain
For now, an acquaintance is only what one will be


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