Night Storms

As I walk outside, the air tonight has that feel
The breeze is blowing and the air is warm
The stillness in the air will soon show me what is the deal
With no more said the quiet is disturbed with the distant coming storm

The day left the humidity in the air to be very high
As the summer breeze blows, the heat begins to cool
In the darkness a muted rumble comes from the sky
The sky to the south and the clouds in the north are preparing for their duel

The star filled southern sky seems to have no end
Orion’s belt and the Milky Way I am still able to discern
With no remorse it is solitude that they softly send
Thankfully this calm is what I truly yearn

More thunder and wind is making me tremble like a new born pup
It is the growling sounds and the lightning I do fear
The heat of the day has caused the storm to kick up
The brazen wind is growing as the storm draws near

Only a few stars remain in the dark to the south
Like faceted jewels in the sky shining with glints of light
They hang in the night ever closer to the thunderstorm’s mouth
The storming beast takes over and the stars disappear from sight

The sovereign storm is now in control of center stage
With seething clouds above, I stand in a front row seat at its feet
The fury of its power is sure to show its rage
I see the lightning flash, followed by the roll of thunder, as if to greet

Soon the color of the sky becomes heavy and even more black
No longer do the stars appear or give that sense of calm
I hear again from the lightning, coming closer with its resounding crack
It reverberates all around me like an explosion from a bomb

The serenity of the night is no longer
It is time for me to evacuate its humble presence
The king of the night has proven who is stronger
Into safety out of sight I will fly for my own defense

No sorrow for losing my stars in this night space
Back again they will be another night with the twinkle I hold dear
For now the cracking lightning of the storm makes my heart race
Out of its path I go because the wrath of the storm is finally here

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