I Met Myself

This past year I met myself
Almost a stranger I had become
No time set aside for the self
Thoughts inside the head had become numb

Afraid I have been to feel
As if I couldn’t take the pain
Hidden inside, too afraid to be real
Guarded and suppressed in life as if nothing to gain

A need to hold it all together
Letting loose could be the end
To stay in control, tight must be the tether
Temptation to release it all I did not intend

And then I realized my life could be more
Such a waste to make the journey with no hope
It has been just me and my mind at war
Thinking I was not able to cope

So much more pleasure to just live
Enjoying what it is that makes you you
To choose to oneself to give
From this, one can view life anew

The old self was still there
Hidden in the tangled mess of suspicion
Unable to let all be bare
Always in fear of the audition

It all changed with the written word
Putting the emotion to poetry
Letting the voice be heard
That which is inside can live with life in symmetry

Celebrating life is now what I choose
No longer be the march of sorrow
With living I can not lose
Believing in life and embracing tomorrow

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