Let Me

Why won’t you let me help you?
I see your sorrow and your pain
I am your mother, and it is for me to do
Suffering alone is truly insane

When will you let me take your sorrow
On your face I see the desperation
It is for me to make for you a better tomorrow
Facing this life alone leads only to frustration

What can possibly make you refuse
My shoulder is there to bear
Believe me, there is nothing to lose
I know it seems like life is unfair

Where is there better help than me
To me you were given and it is my job
Take a moment, let yourself be free
For your tarnished childhood I grieve and sob

What makes your stubbornness so strong
Through it all you have not been weak
Let’s change this path, to right the wrong
For you a moment of solitude is what I seek

Who else can know how you suffer
I can take the weight for a while
Refusing just makes life tougher
Relent and maybe life will seem worthwhile

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