We Are Lost

Will we see what is to come
Everyone caught up in their own worlds
Are there people who care
Reality tells me no
Every living thing is precious
Love of that which is, means survival
Only the young have the eyes
Seeing the magnificence of our world
They are our only hope

I have been dabbling with different poetry forms.  This poem is an acrostic poem.  The rules of an acrostic poem are:
The poem spells words on the left-hand side of the page using the first letter of each line which form a simple sentence.  A double acrostic poem uses the left-hand side followed by the right hand side.  Here is an example of a double acrostic poem:
Yell and slaP
Lions tO
Offend micE
Visiting the eleganT
Elephant to heaR
It hide and crY.
In this example the acrostic poem spells out “My love is poetry.”
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