End Bullying

Even one
anywhere is one too many,
but reports indicate that over 160,000 children
stay home from school 
every day due to
Often families affected by
Tourette Syndrome 
contact TSA to
share their experiences 
seek support.
It is
to learn that new and hopefully
more effective approaches 
are being developed and implemented to address this
important issue affecting our children 
and our schools. 
Educators and clinicians
are increasingly working to
cultivate school cultures
that won’t put up with
Moreover,fellow students are being encouraged to
step up 
and do what they can to
among their peers.
Opportunities to
help our young people
leadership skills 
in this process sound

Another attempt at a poetry type that I have never heard of.  This poem is a “found poem.”
Found poetry is all about taking words not originally meant to be a poem (as they originally appeared) and turning those words into a poem anyway. Newspaper articles, bits of conversation, instructions, recipes, letters, e-mails, direct mail and even spam e-mail can be used to create this.
With found poetry, the original words are not altered.  Line breaks can be made and excess text that may be before and/or after the text used for the found poem.  The power of  found poetry is how words not intended as poetry can take on new and profound meanings as found poems.
In this poem I added another sense of visual mean by playing with the color of the text, and its font format.
The text came from the Tourette Syndrome Associate site at:  http://www.tsa-usa.org/BullyingPrev/bullyingprevention_main.html
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