All For The Mind

It has been a long time since the ingest affected the mind
I was young when I attended the enclave for transcendence of the  mind

Each day I went to the institution to engorge myself
In the pretension of awakening the mind.

Looking at the world with big dreams in my head
Allowing the supposed savants to titillate the mind

I had heard about it from the media and in music
I vigorously sought the enlightenment of the mind

The straight and typical could not whet the appetite
I needed more and more to satisfy my mind

Finally the opportunity arose and I met my confidant
I took the legal tender and soon had what I needed for my mind

Once I had it I was perplexed even though I knew about the results
What to do, how to prepare, and then to the goal of fostering the mind

I approached the mentor for some insight to diminish the inexperience
With anticipation I was craving to fulfill the mind

My guide was calm as he instructed me about the way
Without prejudice he led me down the path to what I had in mind

Once I had learned the secret I left with my prize
All that was left was to pick the right moment to satiate the mind

Once I was ready I found I was not the only one on this trip
My comrade too wanted to join this experiment of the mind

Then it was just a matter of picking the ideal moment
With expectation, we prepared the transition for the mind

At first I was anxious and a bit overstrung
Finally the moment was here to light up that mind

With a flick it all began and the power permeated the room
I had waited long to set the catalyst to expand my mind

Finally this curious, passionate girl found her goal
The moment of exaltation was here and became a gift to the mind.

The ghazal (pronounced “guzzle”) is a Persian poetic form. The original form is five to 15 couplets using the same rhyme with the poet’s name in the final couplet. The main themes were usually love or drinking wine.
If you wish to stay traditional though, here’s the rhyme scheme you would follow:
aa, ba, ca, and so on to the final stanza.
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