winter confiscates
pure white blanket covering
warm brings water streams

Trying my hand at haiku which I never really understood.  Usually haiku deals with topics of nature.  The are usually made up of three lines and a total of 17 syllables (five syllables in line one, seven syllables in line two, and five syllables in line three).  Haiku does not have to include complete sentences or thoughts.  They do not have titles.  Typically a haiku includes:
Association, where something in the one line shares something (perhaps in appearance, or in use, or in situation) with something in the line it follows. For example, North Americans associate pumpkin pie with Thanksgiving.
Contrast, where something in the new link (e.g., quickness, darkness, arrival) is in opposition to something in the link it follows (e.g., sloth, brightness, departure).
Comparison, which (like the European use of simile and metaphor) causes one thing to bring another subject to mind. Write two different images that are in some way similar and that complete each other.
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