Leadership Defiled

Behind the title he chooses to delegate
Expecting all to secure his fate

At one time he was promoted to lead
To instill innovation should have been his creed

To encourage the creation of the latest
With the intent to build that which is greatest

A leader to encourage all to do their best
Inspiration to strive forward in the quest

Honesty and integrity should not be doubted
ArroganceĀ of the ego to not be touted

Instead a man only for number one
Achievements and acclaim shared with none

Sometimes the power goes to the head
Caught up in the ego becomes the goal instead

Communication to lead the way is incomplete
To pull off a success is a miraculous feat

Rather than praise and give words to reinforce
His accusations put unwarranted judgement with no remorse

The art of leadership and organization
Is a nonexistent emmulation

All others around him strive to do their best
Doing right is not a thought he has ever possessed

His decisions may not always be right
To set them straight ends in a fight

When he finds he made the wrong decision
He looks to blame anyone within his vision

Obvious he is insecure in his own position
To save his own face is the real mission

How many times to be stabbed in the back
Becomes the reason his every move I must track

Loyalty is required but from him not valued
In return mutiny from all is eventually ensued

He demands loyalty but gives nothing in return
The impact to others is not his concern

He has a choice about how he will be
I am as loyal to him as he is loyal to me

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