Each Day Assess

Each day assess my actions
To review the infractions
Always trying to do right
Hope to not find a wrong to cite
To quash corroding reactions

Hard to avoid my distractions
Averting humbling attractions
Trying to keep the best in sight
Each day assess

Responsible to one’s actions
Avoid disruptive abstractions
Hold together with all the might
Compel not the rage to ignite
Each day assess

A Rondeau (plural rondeaux) is a form of French poetry with 15 lines written on two rhymes.  The Rondeau’s name and form derive from the French rondel, which comes from the French rond (“round”).  In a traditional Rondeau, there are:
15 lines
Usually eight syllables in each line, except for the refrains, which have four syllables
Two rhymes
A refrain that repeats the first half (four syllables) of the first line.
For 15 lines, the lines are grouped into:
One quintet (5 lines rhyming a, a, b, b, a);
One quatrain (4 lines rhyming a, a, b, plus refrain R);
One sestet (6 lines rhyming a, a, b, b, plus refrain R); 
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