This Is My Life I Do Decree

How can I be dissatisfied with life
My inner self can not survive the strife

One’s self-pity serves no purpose
In the end it makes the soul feel worthless

But when it starts and grows within one’s mind
To all truth and logic I become blind

It soon begins to shift from the sadness
Defiantly slipping into madness

Refusing to feel that which is the truth
Stubborn as if a child in her youth

Immersed in the pain and morbid sorrow
Grieving as if there was no tomorrow

Once this darkness has overtaken me
It is insurmountable to be free

Darkness embeds itself within my soul
Killing any dreams that were once my goal

The rotting disease blinds me from my path
Enticing the mind to be filled with wrath

Soon I detect its corruptive presence
From this prison I earn an acquittance

The time has arrived for me to own me
Shout out, “This is my life, I do decree!”

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