Decay Of Life

When does it harm those endeared with love
Drenching the emotions with a smothering wave
Distinguishing any feelings of love that were ever gave
Daily screaming for a breath to rise above

What damage does it cause
The environment is suffocating with tension
Does one ever even breathe a mention
That there is a leper behind the gauze

At what point does the disintegration
Causes the other’s life to downward spiral
This contamination of the soul becomes viral
With a force unstoppable, fearful of the onward migration

Is it even sane to have these thoughts in anticipation
It becomes hard to distinguish reality from the subconscious
Perhaps the sanity is alive since the assessment is affectuous
Maybe this awareness should be a sign for elation

Why can’t the control hold it all together
Instead, things truly are falling apart
Even though behind the inner convulsion there is a heart
Perhaps the endeavor should be abandoned altogether

Does thinking too much cause the pondering to be never-ending
In the mind there is always a question
That these are the signs of deep depression
And there is no value to continue pretending

Is it the condition that has brought all to the conclusion
Evaluating ones life becomes a realization
All has been caught in this web while life is in stagnation
The value of living is lost in the confusion

So has all of this brought it to the end
Both have concluded that life is not wanted
From the lips this declaration has taunted
This realization becomes too much to comprehend

The question is , now what
Whether to let it continue down this path
Or to extinguish this seething wrath
To turn to the light together, letting this door ever remain shut

Is it true this choice is critical
For the better for both
In affirmation, choosing to live shall be the oath
Let not the decision by any be equivocal

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