Creation Of Life

Creation, a humble gift bestowed
To participate is precious
From nothing comes tomorrow
An honor to bestow
Given the challenge
With grace endowed

This is a Nonet poem which has nine lines.  Nonets can be written about any subject, and rhyming is optional.  It follows the form:
Line 1:  9 syllables
Line 2:  8 syllables
Line 3:  7 syllables
Line 4:  6 syllables
Line 5:  5 syllables
Line 6:  4 syllables
Line 7:  3 syllables
Line 8:  2 syllables
Line 9:  1 syllable
In music, a nonet is a composition which requires nine musicians for a performance
In computer technology, a nonet is a group of nine data bits. Such groups are not often used, so the term is much rarer than the related eight bit “octet”.

In nuclear magnetic resonance spectra NMR, a nonet is a spectrum structure with nine peaks.

In particle physics, a nonet is a set of particles transforming as a nine dimensional representation of some symmetry group, one such occurs in mesons.
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