Like A Seedling in a Sidewalk Crack

Left as if the existence was not present
Treated as if its life was not meant

Passed by as if hidden in a shadow
Dismissed with other places to go

Ignored with no intent to nurture
Unconcerned that it too had a future

Expectations were set very low
No efforts made, as if no one would know

Yes, existing as if a thriving seedling in a sidewalk crack
Once noticed by those who did not care are now taken aback

Despite no effort to help it thrive
It stands today defiant and alive

To struggle alone was its reality
Ignored by those with no morality

Despite the disrespect it continues to live on
Despite their arrogant, unworthy expectation

As a seedling surviving by its own determination
Its thriving leaves reach upward in exaltation

No life should be labeled irrelevant and blatantly ignored
But life shows its resilience and survives on its own accord

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