Blowing Snow

   Winter storm
  Blowing in the
The Lantern is a five-line verse shaped like a Chinese lantern with a syllabic pattern of one, two, three, four, one. The theme of the poem is nature and begins with a noun followed by a description of that noun.
The oldest lantern poem named TingLiao was written in the 6th century. Today lantern poems and the lantern riddles are often written on the Chinese lanterns in the Lantern Festival.
Before the invention of the light, the Chinese used a torch, which was known as the “candle.”  There were two types of “candles” including one for outside the door named Large Candle (大烛) and the candle in the home named TingLiao (庭燎).” At about the 6th century BC, there is poem that named TingLiao in the “The Book of Poetry“.
The first paragraph describing the scene at midnight with the lit candles in the middle of the night and a courtier who was ready to enter the palace to prepare for meetings in the morning.  The second paragraph is the description of candles that have been lit by the courtier and emperor before dawn. The third paragraph says that the candlelight was already covered by the sunlight in dawn.
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