The Earth Is In Agony

The earth is in agony and showing its wrath

People of unrest are everywhere

To end oppression is their goal

The people are angry.

And the people are hungry for food and even more hungry for change.

They riot to show their demands.

People demanding that the tyranny of their leaders must stop

In defiance the young and the old stand before their governments to make it their own

Death everywhere, not just with people, but with those closest to nature

The earth screams as its wounds widen

Volcanic eruptions exposing the raging fire from within.

Flooding washing its way as if nothing existed in its wake

Earthquakes rupturing that which is above, leaving destruction in its path

And then the waters recede and then vengefully strike as a tsunami

Giant tsunamis awoken by the shaking ground

Causing oceans to swell as if taking a deep breath and then blasting the shores

Destruction is everywhere, no continent left untouched

The man-made energy wounded by the quakes, no longer can be contained

Now its arm of death slowly seeps out, into the land, into the water

Both young and old to be victims of the unfettered beast.

Free Verse is an irregular form of poetry in which the content free of traditional rules of versification, (freedom from fixed meter or rhyme). In moving from line to line, the poet’s main consideration is where to insert line breaks. Some ways of doing this include breaking the line where there is a natural pause or at a point of suspense for the reader. Following the direction of Walt Whitman, Ezra Pound and T.S.Eliot, many modern day poets use this particular form of expression.
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One Response to The Earth Is In Agony

  1. tekia says:

    Like the intensity in this piece. It tells the story well. Nice post!

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