At What Cost

Where can the energy of life be found
Always eternally to it be bound

Days grow weary from the daily dredges
Each of us bound by another’s pledges

Never at ease, always watching one’s back
Not a moment to be given some slack

The goal is to do what takes to survive
No option for one to not stay alive

Each and every day, one after another
No choices between one or the other

The days enslaved to the wasted life grind
Confined to tasks to not engage the mind

Where is the time to stop and catch a breath
Soon one will be facing the door of death

There must be time to look at the true life
Just a moment to gaze without the strife

To see the world with eyes of one’s wisdom
And see ideas that have long grown numb

That inner self truly knows what is right
Waken to the light and begin the fight

Time should not be ignored,wasted or shunned
Its depth withholds not an endless life fund

To face each day with all the senses clear
Making choices that’s best without the fear

To live one’s own life is the real purpose
The true design would not be this callous

One must feel life, embracing emotions
The heart knows best without the devotions

Live life and not to absently miss it
The chore is to live and not waste a bit

Leave this path, set before one to be lost
If not it is your life that is the cost

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