Gotta Concentrate

Gotta concentrate
A noise from somewhere
To investigate, do I dare

Gotta concentrate
I wonder if my friends are online
Gaming with them is a favorite of mine

Gotta concentrate
My stomach growls. I’m hungry
Deciding to stop puts me in a quandary

Gotta concentrate
I’ll get a glass of juice
Sensitive to the time and to make good use

Gotta concentrate
Should test my blood
Diabetes is just not my bud

Gotta concentrate
I’ll do it later
I wish we had a waiter

Gotta concentrate
Where did I stop
Guess I will start back at the top

Gotta concentrate
I’m frustrated
Don’t want to be berated

Gotta concentrate
The dog begins to bark
He needs to go even if it’s dark

Gotta concentrate
I’ll ignore him. Maybe he will quit
Perhaps he will stop and just sit

Gotta concentrate
The dog barks again. Quiet. Just wait.
When I work this is one thing I hate

Gotta concentrate
Need to get through this
It’s due date I don’t want to miss

Gotta concentrate
The dog begins to whine
Okay, okay. Fine.

Gotta concentrate
Decide to take the dog outside
Mom will ask and she can tell if I lied

Gotta concentrate
I’m back. Where was I?
Lost my place. A big sigh.

Gotta concentrate
I guess I have to start over again
Need to finish but wonder when

Gotta concentrate
It’s useless
At this point I could care less

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