A Year Gone And A New One To Begin

Its time for reflection of this last year
Its very last day is approaching near

Finally the end of this year’s worries
Everywhere we turned were adversaries

To start, the beloved father departed
For months only to leave us down hearted

Almost a whole year has went by and still
Gone with all the intentions of goodwill

The time away has challenged our love
Hope to never again be deprived of

Throughout the year wellness has been the quest
The body aches for a moment to rest

Its one thing for yourself to not be well
The child’s illness I could not foretell

Each day I wonder what will be next
The year’s struggles have me vexed

Then mid year, while en route, we were struck
An accident, showing we had no luck

Thankfully for unexpected resources
A gift was received by unexplained forces

And now as this hard year comes to its end
Too much all at once, too much to defend

Sadly those in charge declare a lay off
What more could happen to make this life rough

Then both parents health is challenged
From what in my life is being avenged

I declare let this year now be over
Let none of this bad will carry over

I pray with the new year comes better times
Then only with hope our desire climbs

Please let all our health become stable
The will to live is what makes us able

Let nothing be in our way to earn
A livelihood with no hate that can burn

Give us life and assurance to work hard
To look on our life with eyes not marred

Its time for us for a new beginning
I look forward to the awakening

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