Life Is What You Make It

To have so much sadness is a shameless mistake
The sadness must go
Any midnight breeze can cause ripples in a lake
Just a little can grow

Life should not be totally filled with anguish and woe
There is more to it.
Is it true if a fawn is lost, its mother too becomes a fallen doe
To this, life does not fit

Let that smoldering spark of life in the heart be lit
It’s always there
From a spark comes a fire within the soul’s deepest pit
Let its warmth within flare

Hope and desire are not commodities that are rare
Always there for you to take
Life’s cloak of valiant living we must all wear
Life is what you make

Virelay:  Seldom used in English, virelay is a French form composed of stanzas of long lines rhyming with each other while short lines rhyme with one another. The short lines of each stanza provide the rhyme for the long lines of the next stanza, except for the last stanza. In the last stanza, the short lines take their rhymes from the short lines of the first, so that every two lines rhyme. The poem may be any length, but its pattern can be a structure of four quatrians. The first and third lines being long, and the second and fourth being short. abab, bcbc, cdcd, dada
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