The air is vibrating
The fuse is lit
Hate is striking out against hate and to no good this will end

The clock has been ticking for years
Yet no one has paid attention
It has just become another buzz among many

When will it stop
And can it cease without the blood waters pouring over the land
Even the blood of the littlest child will be spilled

It truly was over before it even began
Oppression only leads to defiance
Today the lion roars

The question is to stay as one
Or to divide
But then who holds the cask of black liquid gold

If there is division it will minimize what can be taken
The coffers cloaked under a constitution may not be as appealing
Those in power will fight to retain dystopia

What will it take to turn this ship around
Or is its fate to go down in the storm
Never to sail again

It is sad to see this land of beauty be destroyed
The greed and corruption are winning
And the world sits by, maybe watching

Most likely the bomb will erupt
The people will be torn to pieces
While the world shrugs its shoulder and turns away

Watch as it happens just as it has been said
Shameful for a human to declare that another is not worthy to live
In the end all are doomed by the disinterest

The child will cry with no comfort
The soup has become bitter, no longer able to sustain
And the tongue is burned from the fire, never to heal

This is a poem about Nigeria and the struggles that go on there.  There is no peace.  Tribes are set against one another.  Corruption engulfs their government.  All in the name of protecting Nigeria number one asset:  oil.
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