What Else Is To Go

I can’t seem to remember
One moment there is a thought
And in the next it is gone
What’s wrong with me
Time is taking its toll
My body has become my Judas
I know each day a little more is lost
Where does it end
My eyes can’t see as they used to
Even my glasses don’t always help
The hearing is a little muffled these days
How can I go on as a little less of me exists
Where is the sharpness, where is the strength
The mind struggles to hang on
Panic, this is not me
What else is to go

Soliloquy:  A dramatic or literary form of discourse of a person speaking to himself without addressing a listener.
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One Response to What Else Is To Go

  1. Eric Alagan says:

    No matter what, we’ll still run the race well, I reckon. Check this out > http://wp.me/p1YE83-if
    Peace, Eric

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