The Door Slammed Shut

The sounds
Hearing the sounds as they come down the hall
All senses heightened.
With eyes gaped wide, waiting for any sign of movement

The sound continues
Arms tingle as the hairs stand erect
I hear my breath
Must be quiet
The air roars in my head as I inhale

The sound is a louder
Sweat appears on my face
It’s stickiness has traveled down my neck
Once again I am the child who is terrified
Thinking if only I close my eyes . . .
Or hide under the covers
Perhaps it will go away

I still hear the sound
It sounds closer
It’s coming
Is this my imagination
Every sound around me bellows
Even the rustle of the bed covers sound loud

Looking for any sign of movement
Feeling the panic
My heart pounds in my chest,
Echoing in my ears
I lay there frozen
No looking to the left
No looking to the right
Just remaining absolutely still

Perhaps it will pass
I wait
Could it be that it has gone
Relief flows over my body
Relaxation melts over all of my muscles
The breathing slows
The heart returns to its normal beat
All becomes at ease
Relief flourishes
The little girl feeling of fear dissipates
And then …
The door slammed shut

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