A Hardened Life

Life’s own core has stepped away unforeseen
Abandoned and plagued with controversies
Control no longer in hands of the Queen
Life hardened with the lack of victories

All has changed with one gap of awareness
Leading to life altered and off balance
Modern, but feeling like the wilderness
Feeling loss, without His watchful presence

The young one’s world is challenged every day
Both parents’ lives at risk and are shadowed
The partner of mine has been far away
The cornerstone crushed from weight of the load

Stability hangs from the gallows’ noose
Choking from the dead weight of survival
When broken, all assets are of no use
Each day passes with no awe or marvel

The Light is needed to lead the way out
Why did it go when It is needed so
In our lives all that’s been seen is doubt
I pray for better times for tomorrow

Was it I, or did it chose to lose me
Perhaps there has been doubt when I stayed afar
In truth in my heart you have been with me
It’s the lost people who started this war

I am sadly broken and need to mend
To regain my health and strength I must fight
Or else all this work will come to its end
It is up to me to bring things to light

It all begins with prayer and His trust
Confidence in myself must be my cause
For this all I need to do is adjust
This action must be now, without a pause

I must tell myself that I can do it
Even one attempt can grow and take root
Once it has been started it will not quit
Life will thrive when I no longer am mute

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