True Heart

Every once in awhile you meet folks who have a true heart
As soon as you meet them,they do no set themselves apart

Like each winter snowflake, always unique in its own way
It is special and cherished for each day that it can stay

Kindness from a complete stranger is very rare these days
Most people you meet are caught up in their worlds and their ways

Before a mirror, their own image is all they can see
All alone, in their lives; there is no us, there is no we

People today seem to be bound to time and their schedules
No time for others or the world, no time for principles

Caught up with the loud ticking metronome stuck in their heads
Keeping each moment at the task with a handful of meds

It is very refreshing to meet that unique someone
After some time, the door can open up for some great fun

The guard is truly down and a freshness overcomes you
Exhilarating, like walking barefooted on grass covered dew

There are two things that have to be met to have this moment
The presence of trust and of course, innocent excitement

All is safe, and no need to indulge or reciprocate
All is just there, waiting for you as if it were your fate

In that moment, being just strangers is how it may start
But shortly you see this encounter is one with true heart

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