The Keeper Of The Earth

Each day the keeper of the earth wakes
The rising sun sends the sign of a new day
With new energy all rise as the day breaks
It is time to face the day and get today’s duties under way
Each new day is fresh and the spirit is renewed
Now again, cherishing the earth’s bounty that is each day pursued
Once out in the air the sense of life is all around
Everywhere you look the sky meets the earth’s ground
Unsummoned, diligent, each day it always appears
There can be nothing more wondrous found
Ever present, always ready, year after years

The keeper looks over the land
With an eye set to see that which will be tomorrow
With such intimacy, the keeper knows that god’s plan is truly grand
All around is special, from the little seed to the tweet of the sparrow
The secret is to care and make it a part of you
Even so, the diligence and sacrifice is taken on by very few
The land must be a part of your inner heart
Where one can not live without the other or be apart
Confident in knowing that together they can face any fears
Each other’s essence have been together from the start
Ever present, always ready, year after years

Each day is faced with desire and determination
Without this approach there is no use going on
It is this commitment that built this nation
The strength of it’s success bares no explanation
Each day always faithful to that which provides life
Regardless of exhilaration or of any strife
To commit one’s life to a relationship never to be divided
The results of which has always provided
With the dedication of sweat and tears
For those this path that have resided
Ever present, always ready, year after years

The spring brings the dawn of a new year’s crop
With spring comes rain showers where the essence of life is in each drop
After the seeds have been sown, the seedlings begin to grow
Before long the hot days of summer come shrouding the days with its heat
Each day begins with the dew on the grass to greet
The keeper continues to nurture the fruits of the land as each day goes
From the beginning of the day and until it comes to a close
As the shadow becomes long, the days of harvest nears
More hard work is yet ahead, this the keeper knows
Ever present, always ready, year after years

Fall finally arrives and the harvest must begin
All of the work up to now comes to this
If the earth agrees one reaps what one puts in
No time to falter, definitely no time to remiss
Putting all one’s efforts forward now
Provides satisfaction for all the keeper does vow
Once the harvest is over, the touch of winter is detected
Showing it presence as the cooler air comes, just as expected
The earth and the keeper have a time to rest before spring reappears
The cycle of their purpose has shown how they are connected
Ever present, always ready, year after years

The keeper of the earth has accomplished as directed
Unified in purpose, the design is perfected
For the true keeper of the earth, it is life that he rears
Synchronized in life, showing that all is connected
Ever present, always ready, year after years

Chant Royal:  It alters the ballade structure using five stanzas, each of 11 lines and a five line envoy with the customary refrain. The rhyme scheme is ababccddedE, and the envoy ddedE. The capital E’s represents, as with the ballad, the same entire line being repeated at the end of each stanza as a refrain.To add to the complexity, no rhyming word is used twice. 
The chain royal was introduced into French poetry in the 14th century by Christine de Pizan and Charles d’Orléans and was introduced into England towards the end of the 19th century as part of a general revival of interest in French poetic forms. The complexity of the form caused William Caswell Jones to describe it as “impractical” for common us.  The Chant Royal was the most complicated form of poetry in Northern France during the 14th century, though not as complex as the sestina, which was more popular in Southern France. The form was often used for stately, or heroic subjects.
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