Can You Pass The Salt?

46.2 million Americans are living below the poverty line.
“That’s still a lot of people. …Can you pass the salt?”

In Nigeria since 2009 the Boko Haram have killed over 900 people in the guise of retaliation
“I wonder what the issue is. …We are supposed to have thunderstorms this weekend.

In 2010, the earnings of women who worked full-time, year-round were 77 percent of that for men working full-time.
“Things just haven’t changed. …Did you hear that Marge and Doug are getting a divorce?”

About 21,000 children die in the world each day from preventable causes including malnutrition, unsafe drinking water or lack of vaccines.
“It’s so sad…. Can you pass the mashed potatoes?”

There were 2,698,967 foreclosure filings — which include default notices, scheduled auctions and bank repossessions — were reported on 1,887,777 U.S. properties in 2011.
“The economy seems to still be rough.” … “Mom, that new video game is out on Tuesday.  Can I get it?”

Over 16% of the people in the United states do not have health insurance.
“Thank goodness we are healthy…. The traffic today was awful.”

The drought in the Horn of Africa has killed 100,000 of lives.
“It seems like there is always drought in Africa. …Chelsea, we have to bake brownies tonight for the bake sale.”

The divorce rate United States is 4.95 per 1,000 people.
“Is that a lot? … You kids get started on your homework right away tonight.”

In Afghanistan 3,021 civilians were killed by combat last year.
“I am really tired of this war.” … “Mom can I have a sleep over with Brandi and Gwen?”

The unemployment rate is 8.3 percent.
“I guess that is good news. …I am going to the gym later.”

In the past quarter-century, Sudan and Congo have collectively sustained roughly 7.75 million war-related deaths and unrivaled additional human suffering from the use of rape as a war weapon, the recruitment of child soldiers, mass displacement and chronic poverty.
“I wonder if there is any country in Africa that is not having problems…. Johnny, please pick up your room and put your clothes in the laundry.”

Nearly a quarter of US public high school students fail to graduate on time.
I just don’t understand why kids are not graduating. …When you go out can you pick up a gallon of milk?”

Every 90 seconds, someone in the world dies during pregnancy or childbirth. That’s 1000 women and girls every day. Yet experts say more than 80 percent of those deaths are preventable with access to basic medical care — and that doesn’t include the more than 1 million babies a year who are stillborn because their mothers did not receive needed medical care.
Thank goodness we live in America. … “Did you taste Marianne’s egg rolls at the party?”

Malaria kills more than 1.2 million people worldwide a year.
…Sherry it’s your turn to walk the dog tonight.”

A sequence of devastating earthquakes and a large number of weather-related catastrophes made 2011 the costliest year ever in terms of natural catastrophe losses. At about US$ 380bn, global economic losses were nearly two-thirds higher than in 2005, the previous record year with losses of US$ 220bn. The earthquakes in Japan in March and New Zealand in February alone caused almost two-thirds of these losses. Insured losses of US$ 105bn also exceeded the 2005 record (US$ 101bn).
…Wasn’t it a beautiful day today?”

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