Life On The Farm

Floating with my memories into the past
I lived with such innocence
Along with a family filled with love
Content with life and at peace
A family who would give to others
Asking for nothing in exchange
Except for the presence of being one
Of being one with the family
The father looked to his son
The time was right for him to bare the burden
To work the fields
To sow the seeds
To reap the crops
Each morning and night to tend to the cows
With expected dedication,
To the son the farm did go
The farm was always a struggle
Always a risk
Would the rains cooperate
Would the sun share its gift of life
Corn must be knee high by the fourth of July
And let the rains hold off
Until the hay is baled
Let the frost of winter wait
Until all the crops have been picked
And yes, let the life of the farm live
Who knew our lives were tied
By the strength of the farm
It was hard work
And we were very poor
But it was the life, like no other life
It became a part of you
It was where your forefathers came
Seeking the white oak
An emblem of good farming land
Land like the mother land
From nothing they built this farm
To become something admired
Generation after generation
It was the heart of the family
It was the heart of life
There is no better life
Than that which is given by a farm
It was a place to see life in its glory
There’s nothing more special
A new born calf taking its first step
A new litter of kittens in the hay mown
Or walking through a field of clover
It was also a place of death
A fallen chick, unable to survive the brood
A slaughtered pig, killed to sustain life in others
There’s nothing like a hot summer day
My father finished loading the hay
Sitting on the porch with an ice cold beer
Even today, I can feel the heat
And the cool, freshness of the beer
It was a time of accomplishment
It was a time for the family
It was life on the farm

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