This Life To Append

I ask, where is the life
Excised with a knife
The fate
Self loathing is sick
Avoidance to trick
From out, looks normal
Its path not formal
Who will really know
Insanity’s woe
Too late
Held on by a thread
Stretched beyond with dread
Just wait
Life but a mirage
With no entourage
Self hate
Destined sacrifice
Forewarned to entice
Consumed with the end
No need to amend
Death’s date
Only toward the end
This life to append

Lai, Lay:  A lyric poem consisting of couplets of five-syllabled lines separated by single lines of two syllables. The number of lines and stanzas was not fixed and each stanza had only two rhymes, one rhyme for the couplets and the other for the two-syllabled lines.
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