The Scourge

Pressure builds as the veil stretches thin
Expanding as the inner sledge evolves
Pain emanates with each moment of existence
Growing where it does not belong
Hindered by it’s presence
Applying pressure intensifies the pain
Tissues fight back from the abuse
More swelling, adding to the annoyance
It doesn’t stop
Each day becoming a bane
Each day astoundingly growing
Each day a battle to conquer
Obsessively looking for relief
Determined to make it release
Just to eliminate another moment of pain
And then the veil erupts
Poison spurts from the pestilence
Erupting into the awaiting ethos
The rapture arrives
Orgasmic in its deliberation
Ecstatic in its accomplishment
The release causing an adrenaline emission
The spell of relief overcomes
The scourge eliminated
Once again at peace

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