Marriage Vows, And Then

I take you to be my wife,
Not for a day or for a year, but for life
Embracing the future with no regrets or strife
Then what possibly could make this change in midlife?

to have and to hold from this day forward,
To a new life together, two as one preferred
Firm in their decision, undeterred
Then what could soil this dream with its desire now blurred?

for better or for worse,
Together as one in life each chose to immerse
Facing all yet to come, with honor to transverse
Then what could cause after many years the reverse?

for richer, for poorer,
To be together forever more
Building that life together, to soar
Then what could cause that which was cherished to now abhor?

in sickness and in health,
Enriching each other’s life is the true evidence of wealth
As two together, no longer just the self
Then what brings to this union the air of deceit and stealth?

to love and to cherish;
Standing before all, this covenant was meant to flourish
Such an honor to each other, everyone did all relish
Then what could cause this treasure to then perish?

from this day forward until death do us part.
The promise was given from the very heart
The intent to be be forever was meant from the start
What now could prevent this commitment from falling apart?

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