Perhaps you have guessed, but I love the snow.  I am originally from Wisconsin.  After college my husband and I lived in a number of places including Dallas, Chicago, and Columbus.  I was miserable living in Texas with all the heat.  It seemed like you could never get cool enough. I always say you can only take so much clothing off, but you can always put more clothing on.  I will take winter any day.  After about 25 years of  wandering across the country, I realized there is no state better than Wisconsin.  Luckily for me I am back in Wisconsin and loving it.

I have always wanted to be a writer.  In high school and college I pursued it as a career.  Then I found out I needed money to live and pursued another path for my career.  Over the last ten years or so, I have tried to write and was not able to do so.  The process of writing gripped my soul and I could not endure it.  So, I didn’t write.

Over the years I tried to write but every excuse of mine got in the way.  The pencil was not sharp enough; a mechanical pencil would be better.  The pen is too permanent and I have terrible handwriting.  The written word has to be perfect which never comes.  I need a nice journal.  No, I need something more casual to have with me.  No, I need a software application.  If people read what I write they are going to think I am crazy.  As a suggestion from a mentor, forget sentences.  Just write words.  So I wrote words.  Stupid and silly.  Stopped that after two days.

And then in the last year I let down my barriers and did not care about other people’s judgement.  What mattered was me.  As a result of this awakening I discovered blogging.  Along that journey I also found that I could write.  For now, poetry has caught my interest.  Who knows what I shall write tomorrow.


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