Because Of Him

The loves of my life

I have with no strife

Would they have been

If it wasn’t for him

Everything I hold dear

We have with little fear

Today is a different time

How we live is not a crime

With thankfulness in my heart

In honor of him I impart

I have what is a dream

From him it does seem

We live now with less fear

Especially for those I hold very dear

Times have now changed

My family need not be estranged

With thanks to him for his one dream

My life is good it truly does seem

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For this civilization to survive
And for mankind to even begin to thrive
We must speak in terms of we, us, or our
With this attitude we gain the power
Unity will bring all of us together
And as one we break free of the tether
If growth is to be our inspiration
Working as one should be for the duration
It matters not what the goal we seek
As one we are strong, not careless, not weak
Stop the I, me, my, you, his, her, your, their, them
From these, no goodness will stem

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A Story

Just words on a page
Black type on white
And pages and pages bound together
Or in sequence of each other
Ordered by the master plan
In a way that orchestrates expectations
Beginning with no prior knowledge
Except for a blurb that’s meant to entice
The characters are strangers
And their problems a mystery
The opening lines describe the scene
Along with some unique traits of a character
Or perhaps not so unique, but more like everyman
Sometimes starting out slow
Buiding the foundation for the dilema
More importanly building the foundation for the solution
Other times it all starts in the middle
And left up to the observer to fit the pieces together
As if following a trail of a scavenger hunt
Either way the words come off the page
And into the  mind
Slowly pulling the observer in
And soon becoming fully immersed
With no turning back
If it is good and maintains the tethers of unity
No abandonment until the very end
Becoming one with the words

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